Nathan’s Gift Wishlist

I make it super easy for you to buy me gifts, whether it be for my birthday, Christmas, or because I’m awesome.  Here’s everything in the world that I want.

Board games wishlist: CLICK HERE.

Amiibos wishlist: CLICK HERE.  I collect the Smash Bros. line of Amiibos, and my collection is almost complete.  This list contains the Amiibos that I don’t have yet, but want for my collection.

PC games (Steam) wishlist: CLICK HERE.

Everything else: CLICK HERE.  I’d call this my “main wishlist” but I’d actually rather a board game or an Amiibo, especially if you just don’t know what to get me.

If, for some reason, you’d rather pre-order me a game, I actually do have a wishlist for that, but pre-orders are a pretty bad idea nowadays.  I’d honestly rather something else.