Mystery Game Blind Race

When’s the next race?

Friday, April 27th, 2018.  9:30 PM setup time.  10:00 PM race time. 2 hour time limit.

MGBR is now the last Friday of every month, unless otherwise noted.

Game/platform will either be chosen by DoomRanger or praising RNGesus @ 9:00 PM.

What is MGBR?

Mystery Game Blind Race (MGBR) is the amateur speedrun event hosted by Midnight Troll Squad.  The lovechild of Stetson “RitzBlues” Williams and James “Zembar” Demeritt, MGBR started in March 2015 and continues to go strong to this day.

MGBR pits amateur speedrunners together in jolly casual combat to race a game that isn’t revealed until race night.  We’ve played a variety of games and anything and everything is on the table (as long as every racer can play it).  The event takes place online monthly, and quite literally anyone is able to join in and race!

The winner of MGBR is eligible to pick the next race’s game, but you can’t win a race with a game you picked, as to keep the competition fair and fun for all participants.

Interested in joining?  Join the official Midnight Troll Squad Facebook community, as well as our Discord!  You can also reach out to me on Twitter for more info.  Runners are given a special Discord role so we can keep you up to date with future MGBR info.

How do I watch MGBR?

Visit the Midnight Troll Squad Twitch community page to watch our premier racers!  If you’re looking for past races, check out the vods.

Can I submit a mystery game to MGBR?

Yes!  We sometimes pick from a mystery game database.  You can make submissions to that database here.

How do I race in MGBR?

Do I have to stream?

  • Nope!  These races are extremely casual.  There’s no need to definitively prove you’ve won a race.  While it’s a dick move to provide absolutely no evidence you won, we’re not making you.  But at least a picture of the end game screen would be nice 🙂

What do I need in order to race?

  • A PC capable of basic gaming – mostly emulators and light-resource PC games.
  • Discord – join the MTS Discord server with this invite link.
  • (Recommended) a gamepad – Your choice, although we typically recommend Xbox 360-like controllers, since many console-based games are ran.
  • (Recommended) a microphone – to discuss your love (or hatred!) of our game.
  • While we don’t typically run paid games found on Steam, in the very rare instance that we do, you will need to purchase the game yourself unless otherwise specified.  We’ve never picked a game over $5.  Key giveaways have happened before.

What happens on race night?

  • Two times will be provided to you: setup time, and race time.  They are typically 30 minutes apart.
  • At setup time, you must be in the MTS Discord’s #mgbr channel for roll-call.  Even if you do not have a mic (or don’t plan to talk), please be in the voice channel.
  • If the game is played on an emulator, the emulator will be recommended or provided to you.  It’s up to you to set up this emulator as you see fit.  We recommend grabbing a test ROM to test out your controls ahead of time.
  • The game ROM will be provided at or slightly before race time.  If you need help with the setup, there are plenty that will assist, but please do this during the setup time!
  • If the game is on Steam (again, very rare), the game will be announced at setup time as to allow you time to purchase/redeem and install the game.
  • You are more than welcome to stream your side of the race, and we encourage it!  If you’d like to be featured on our MTS Twitch Community page, simply set your community name to “midnighttrollsquad” from your Twitch dashboard. (help)
  • If you’re late for setup time, no worries!  Set up your emulator, grab the game, and start racing, even if race time has passed.  In blind races, anything can happen!
  • If you are disruptive to other racers – a good example of this is spoiling the game over voice comms – you will be kicked from the voice channel and possibly our Discord server.
  • And of course have fun!  That’s why we do this – it’s freakin’ fun and hilarious.

Past MGBR games