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Build Overview


Traditional budget gaming setup, starting from scratch with existing headphones and TV.  Budget range $500 to $800.  The preferred design is Purple.  Windows 10 running on any architecture.  Emphasis on future independence for upgrades.


$778.75 at the time of posting.  Prices change constantly and rapidly in the world of PC parts.  Take your time to shop each piece for the best deal.  If you’re making substitutions, consider all specs for the item.

Build Details

Budget gaming rigs are entirely the reason my PC build assistance is offered in the first place, so I’m more than happy to accommodate.  Today, I went deals-first to showcase the lowest possible price while being able to maintain a nice wow factor in a few items.  Let’s get started.

Since future upgrades will be emphasized, we can pinch pennies by going with a 1060.  Even with only 3 GB, Zotac’s mini card will get us to consistent 1080p60 gaming.

To host the card, let’s go with a Ryzen 3 1300X to continue keeping the price low without bottlenecking.  We can host that on the conveniently-priced ASRock AB350 Pro4.  I just used this board in a build yesterday, and I bought it for my own upgrade project, just because it’s a fantastic backbone that is both cheap (thanks to a Newegg rebate) and full of upgrade potential.

Let’s slap 8 GB of DDR-2133 from Crucial on there as well.  Just enough for gaming, and dual-channel to make room for other standard PC tasks.

Again, I unfortunately find myself short-handed in providing an SSD to host Windows.  Money’s tight these days, yo!  Can’t blame ya, I’m right there with ya!  But we did snag 2 TB on a traditional Hitachi HDD.

To expound on our design, I went with NZXT’s high-rated S340 case, this time in White Matte + Purple bracketing.  Looks stunning, even for the most budgeted builds, and not to mention the roomy interior for future upgrades.

Rounding out our internal build, we’ve got a killer deal on an 80+ Bronze PSU from EVGA, coming in at only $12 before shipping.  We’ll also throw in Kinguin’s super-low price for our Windows 10 license.

Okay, moving onto peripherals.  I actually started this build out with an amazing headphone set from Philips, which is $100 off today.  I kept it in right until the end, and decided the money would be better spent where it counts, specifically due to the fact that headphones are already available for the build.

On the other hand, the TV has to go.  Response time on a gaming monitor just can’t be shuddered away, so I went with Acer’s 24″ 1080p60 monitor, which is again from yesterday’s build.  Pair that with a budget mechanical keyboard and mouse, and we’re all done here.


Build Summary


Our console crusher build takes care of our 1080p60 needs while also being featured in an eye-candy case.  Everything’s here for a great gaming experience: GTX 1060, up-to-date architectures, low response time on our monitor, and a mechanical keyboard.  EZ PZ.  The board and case go on to offer great room for some easy-to-make upgrades when the budget becomes available.


With a low budget comes setbacks to our equipment quality.  Our CPU is on the low end of the spectrum.  We’re missing an SSD, and our peripherals could use some extra money to become even better.  The 1060’s great, but in no way is it the brass ring for PCMR gaming.  8 GB for our memory is, especially in this day and age, a little short-handed for us multitaskers.

Author: DJChupa13