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Build Overview


Lots of things to accomplish here! Multipurpose setup for sure. We’re looking for:

  • Basic gaming performance, nothing too fancy
  • Media Center usage
  • Image editing
  • Video editing
  • Dual monitor setup
  • Streaming and podcasting
  • Existing setup: Only a USB mouse and a pocket full of money!
  • Budget: $1250 to $1500
  • Color preference: Black / Carbon / Grey / Silver / Blue
  • Target OS: Windows 10

$1506.63 at the time of posting.  Prices change constantly and rapidly in the world of PC parts.  Take your time to shop each piece for the best deal.  If you’re making substitutions, consider all specs for the item.

I used a few discount codes for this build:

  • Bluray Optical drive @ Newegg: promo code EMCRDBH65.
  • Items purchased at Jet.com can be lowered via promo code Triple15 if you are a new Jet customer. Works on first 3 orders. They can be lowered further by opting out of returns and paying by debit card. These discounts have been applied to the CPU in your build, but also go for all other Jet items.

Build Details

I’ve been chomping at the bit to do a full Ryzen build, and here we are at last!  When I saw Jody’s request come through, with all of its multipurpose necessities, I knew this was the right situation to show off what Ryzen can really do.  AMD is back, baby!

Before we dive into the build itself, let’s talk about outside peripherals.  Since we have so many needs to cover, I didn’t budget too, too much for periphs this time around.  We satiate the need for a dual monitor setup by grabbing two beautiful Asus 1080p monitors, each 23.8″.  I would have loved to grab bigger and better monitors at higher resolutions – especially for the video editing needs – but the budget just doesn’t allow for it.  I rounded out the desk periphs with a sweet mechanical keyboard (87 key, blue backlight, Cherry MX Brown) and some basic speakers.

All right, enough of that, let’s dive into the tower! Like I mentioned in the intro, we’ve got to go with Ryzen in this build, and I landed on a great deal for the Ryzen 7 1700.  This is gonna help take care of all of those multifaceted needs, even without the need for overclocking.

Backbone power is a huge necessity here, so we need to go big on both RAM and storage to get the best performance everywhere.  For RAM, there’s 16 GB of Corsair DDR4-3000 at a very nice CAS latency of 15 (and blue LEDs, because we’re cool like that).  Can we go further?  Hell yeah we can.  How about an Intel 600p!  With the 600p, not only do we get the fastest possible bus for storage (PCIe 3.0 x4), but we’ve also got the fastest possible SSD protocol for storage (NVMe), and at a whopping 512 GB of total space, there’s no doubt that read/writes, load times, and cold boots will be lightning fast.  This is the king of backbone performance and will assist with just about every requirement of the build.

The intel 600p will be the drive where you install Windows, as well as your photo and video editing apps.  This will ensure the fastest drive performance for those systems.  For typical data storage, we’ve got a traditional 2 TB HDD.  Speaking of which, since you’re looking for a media setup, consider hooking up that HDD to something like Plex to share media to all of your devices.

Okay, so what does it all plug into? The board I decided to go with is the Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H.  It was a great way to tie everything together, provide us with NVMe, and keep the price low.  It also gives you two extra empty RAM slots, just in case you want to upgrade your RAM to 32 GB down the line.

Let’s talk design.  To help enforce the color scheme, I landed on the high-rated Deepcool TESSERACT mid-tower case.  Great case for a great cost.  I didn’t put too much effort into lighting, but the case does come with two blue LED case fans.

It feels weird to wait this long to talk about the video card!  I usually do gaming-first builds, so this is a refreshing change of pace.  Since only basic-level gaming is necessary, I went with a GTX 1060 – specifically, Gigabyte’s 6 GB WindForce OC version – that will still provide some great 1080p while simultaneously supporting dual monitor perfection.

What else we got in here?  Oh yeah, I threw in an LG BluRay player, because of media purposes.  Grab a copy of Windows 10 from Kinguin to continue keeping the price down.  Rounding out the internal build, we’ve got a decent CPU cooler (good enough to get a tiny overclock out of) and a satisfactory power supply.

Build Summary


For the price, this build will outplay most others in sheer performance.  The power of Ryzen, combined with high-tier RAM and storage, knocks it out of the park for all things professional.  This build covers so many bases that any home user would shudder at its power.


The highest level of gaming just isn’t possible with the monitors and the video card. Although we went high-tier on our necessary components, there are higher tiers out there beyond our grasp at this budget.  Even with a few bucks more, some components (speakers, keyboard, data storage, cooler) could be upgraded to more appealing parts.  No mic/webcam to meet those streaming and podcasting needs.

Author: DJChupa13