A Build for Ben

Hey Ben, your build is ready! Here’s the details.

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Build prerequisites: high-end gaming capabilities paired with basic web usage, with a heightened emphasis on entertainment media.

Budget: $1250 to $1500

Total build price: $1425.99 (on budget)

No emphasis on overclocking.  Windows 10 running on Intel architecture.

I like – big – budgets and I cannot lie.  You other peasants can’t deny.  When a rig walks in with a itty bitty card and a-oh … I’m sorry.  The build.  Right.

Every now and then, I do a build that really excites me.  Big budget, and nothing to start with.  Console crushers are fun but pretty one-dimentional, not to mention transitioning peasants usually have cheap periphs they got from a friend, or garage sale, or something else that’s also depressing.  Starting from scratch when you’ve got a nice sum of cash burning in your pocket is equal parts dangerous and enjoyable.  Which is where Ben’s situation comes in.  He’s got the funds to make his Master Race debut, and this build will allow him to do so in spades.

With a disposable budget like this, the aim is simple: put peripherals first, and that’s exactly what I did.  The very first thing I added to the build was the pair of Corsair mouse and keyboard periphs.  The Corsair STRAFE keyboard means you have the best-of-the-best in quality, paired with those well sought after Cherry MX Silent keys, not to mention the friendly software that (ahem) other manufacturers can’t seem to get right.

You’re outfitted with a 1440p, 144 Hz, 27-inch monitor by Acer, so big and beautiful that it’ll slap a console peasant right in their dirty face.  Deal details here.

So what are these big beautiful periphs running on? A Core i3-6100 Skylake processor, paired with an H110 chipset board by ASRock.  Is it the best backbone?  No, but it will work more than adequately for your needs. Adding to it, you’ve got 8 GB of DDR4-2133 G.Skill RAM.  Again, for your needs, RAM neither needs to be top-tier in speed, nor have a large abundance.  I’ve seen some odd looks when I recommend 8 GB over 16 GB, but I like to think of it like this:  You can either buy another stick (another $34), or close your 100 tabs in Chrome.

The glorious age of Pascal is upon us, so of course we have to opt-in for one of those shiny new GeForce GTX cards.  I chose the 1070 because it’s that sweet spot for cost efficiency, and because its got everything it needs to unleash that sweet bitch of a monitor you’ve got.  Although it’s sold out at the moment, you can use this deal as a general idea for what you can expect pricewise.

You’ve got a dual-storage solution which consists of a Kingston 240 GB SSD running on SATA3 (this is where Windows will live), followed by 2 TB of storage on a basic HDD (this is where your personal data will live).  Ample storage and no sacrifice to power.

I’ve got a thing for Corsair, so I went for one of their cases.  I landed on the SPEC-02, which has everything you need for a great case.  Check out the case here. To power everything, you’ve got a 450W 80+ Bronze power supply by EVGA.

To round out the rest of the cost, you’ve got PCMR’s most recommended CPU cooler, a decent set of high-rated speakers, and (everyone’s favorite) the chump change for Windows 10.  To better highlight your media needs, I also threw in a Bluray writer, because hey why not.

To summarize your build:

PROS: welcome to the fucking Master Race bitch, strap in.  Make your online friends jealous with your periphs and video card.

CONS: Your PC unfortunately skipped Leg Day.  The motherboard and CPU are a little underwhelming, although they will provide an overabundance for your typical usage.  Consider upgrading if you anticipate batch processing jobs (video editing, Photoshop, server usage) in your future.

Author: DJChupa13