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Hey Ray, your build is ready! Here’s the details.

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Build prerequisites: wide-spectrum gaming capabilities paired with basic web usage, with a heightened emphasis on entertainment media and video editing.

Budget: $800 to $1000

Total build price: $1147.96 (overbudget).

Reason for going overbudget: no existing copy of Windows ($89), no existing PC peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor).  These are common items that people typically have, so the overhead price of these is rarely factored into budgets.

No emphasis on overclocking.  Windows 10 running on Intel architecture.

With such a wide spectrum of uses on this build, there was a ton of different ways we could approach this.  I ultimately decided to go a little stronger on the available core power, which is reflected on the CPU, mobo, and total RAM, while easing back on the peripherals.  This helps to both cover a large area of typical usage while also appreciating the budget as much as possible.

To start, you’ve got the Core i5-6500 Skylake processor, paired with an excellent H170 chipset board by Gigabyte.  This is going to allow for a prominent strength-first PC build that won’t disappoint for years to come.  Adding to it, you’ve got 16 GB of DDR-2400 G.Skill RAM.  While it’s not exactly the fastest DDR4 RAM out there, you’ve got enough of it to never have to worry about multitasking, even if video editing comes into play.

While I didn’t build the rig around the video card, the GTX 1060 in Gigabyte’s WINDFORCE OC series ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.  This will definitely cover your gaming needs, and at an enjoyable price.  I found a sweet deal on Jet for this card today, and while I don’t know how long the deal lasts, it’s at least there to give you an idea as to what current sales are like.

You’ve got a dual-storage solution which consists of a Corsair 240 GB SSD running on SATA3 (this is where Windows will live), followed by 2 TB of storage on a basic HDD (this is where your personal data will live).  Ample storage and no sacrifice to power.

To continue to keep the price down, I threw in a cheap but high-rated case by Deepcool.  Check out the TESSERACT ATX Mid Tower here.  To power everything, you’ve got a 500W 80+ Bronze power supply by EVGA.

Now, on to peripherals.  I’ve outfitted you with a 27″ 1080p monitor by Samsung.  Nothing fancy but it’s Master Race-approved.  Pair that with a decent mid-range mid-price set of 5.1 speakers by Logitech, which will help achieve your media necessities.

While you might be made fun of for not having a mechanical keyboard, we’ve gotta continue to keep the price low, so I threw in the OCTANE set by Cooler Master for your mouse and keyboard.  $20 off currently at Newegg, so not bad at all.

Software.  Like I mentioned in the header, We’ve gotta throw in the price for Windows 10.  I also threw in Adobe Premier Elements 14 for your video editing needs.

To summarize your build:

PROS: This build takes care of a wide range of PC uses.  Because of its core power, you won’t need to worry about major upgrades for quite some time!

CONS: To continue to keep the price low, sacrifices had to be made.  Apart from the video card’s horsepower holding you back from God-mode ultra settings, you’ll eventually want to upgrade those peripherals for sure.  The case is okay, but IMO it could use just a couple more bucks to become something better.

Author: DJChupa13