A Build for Cyrus

Hey Cyrus, your build is ready! Here’s the details.

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Build prerequisites: entry-level console crusher capable of running modern AAA games.  Slight emphasis on media center capabilities.

Budget: $350 to $500

Total build price: $577.43 (overbudget).

Reason for budget: no existing copy of Windows ($83), no existing PC peripherals (speakers, DVD drive)

No emphasis on overclocking.  Windows 10 running on AMD architecture.

This build is based on 2016 PCMR entry-level Console Crusher build. It is a 1080p build capable of playing even the largest of current titles, albeit on low-to-mid settings, depending on the graphics complexity.

Your build is centered around the GTX 950 by Asus.  Nothing fancy at all.  Just your common-level budget gaming card.

Your motherboard won’t have the bells and whistles since we’re on a budget, but it does everything a Console Crusher needs to do.  It provides USB3 headers that will work with your case, so no problems there.  Your processor, the AMD FX-8300, is a great budget chip at 8 cores, so that will help to keep the price down.

You’ve got a 1TB standard storage drive.  Since it’s the only storage drive in the build, it will be the drive that you will install Windows 10 on.

I went with a different case than suggested in the PCMR build to save some money. It’s got USB3 ports and a single bay unto which your DVD drive will be installed.  It looks nice to boot.

To further allow you some media capabilities, I slapped in a budget DVD drive.  Wanted to get you a Blu-Ray reader, but I wanted to keep the price down since we’re already over budget.

The rest of the price fills out your basic speakers.  Nothing to say here other than it’s your basics and nothing more.

To summarize your build:

PROS: Snuggly fits into a Console Crusher budget and will easily satiate those gaming needs.  A nice build for anyone joining the PC Master Race.

CONS: It’s a budget build, which means performance isn’t emphasized.  The GTX 950 won’t get you those high- and ultra-quality settings.  Your Mobo+CPU combo, as well as the sub-par DDR3 memory, won’t give you ultimate multitasking freedom, and may restrict you from professional work such as photo and video editing.

Author: DJChupa13